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Summer workshop 2017

~Nihon-ga/ Gold&Silver leaf~

Japanese Painting


​ 夏の日本画ワークショップ2回目は、金箔や銀箔を和紙に貼り、その上から岩絵具で作品を描きます。









 The 2nd summer Nihonga painting workshop, is how to apply a gold or silver leaf on Japanese Washi paper and painting with mineral pigments.

Gold or silver leafs are already used for a long time on Nihonga paintings. Especially on sliding doors (Fusuma paintings). These leafs are still important materials for today's Japanese paintings. There are various kinds of leafs, for example platinum, aluminum, copper, gold and silver.

At this workshop, you will learn how to use the gold or silver leafs. After applying those leafs you will paint a small object on it by using mineral pigments. (Please choose either gold or silver)


Make your own Nihonga, which you can take home with you as a souvenir!

Date:         30th July 2017(Sun)

Location:   Atelier MANABU

                   Koningin Wilhelminaplein 176, Amsterdam


Time:          12:00〜16:00 (4 hours)

Fee:              €60(including all materials, drinks and cake)

✳︎Max. 5 people (due to the limited amount of the materials).

Book now to ensure your place!



      Tel:         06 52213579(MANABU)






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