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Place of Birth: Brussels,Belgium ,in 1976

Education:       2002 The Art Students League of NewYork

                       2001 Florence Academy of Fine Arts/Florence,Italy

                           1999 Graduated Tokyo Tama Art University

                                      Bachelor of Fine Arts-Japanese Painting


           2016 Group Exhibition "Binanga-ten" at Gallery Tomo in Tokyo, Japan

           2015 Schilderij van het jaar 2015 at CODA museum in Apeldoorn, The Netherland

           2010 Solo Exhibition at Gallery-Tomo in Tokyo, Japan

           2008 Group Exhibition "Binanga-ten" at Gallery Tomo in Tokyo, Japan

           2007 Solo Exhibition at Gallery-Tomo/Tokyo,Japan

           2005 Solo Exhibition at Gallery-Tomo/Tokyo,Japan

           2003 Group Exhibition"Fuucyoukinari" at Gallery West/Tokyo,Japan

           1998 Group Exhibition"Kaleido Scope" at Setagaya art museum in Tokyo

           1997 Solo Exhibiton at Gallery Shington/Tokyo,Japan


You can see 3D Live-View of exhibition if you click it.You may need download Quick Time.


      An interview for japanese art-magazine"Gekkan-Bijutu", issued on August 2009.

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